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Query Tracking

Requests, queries and problem reports are tracked through the Ticketing Tracking system [password required]

RA-2 Performance Monitoring Project Documents

Document Version Date
MSSL RA2 Routine Monitoring Procedures [protected] 1 01/07/2003
MSSL Routine Monitoring 2003 Final Report [protected] 1 26/03/2004
MSSL Routine Monitoring 2005 Final Report [protected] 1 11/08/2006
MSSL Routine Monitoring 2007 Final Report [protected] 1 13/11/2009
MSSL Routine Monitoring 2009 Final Report [protected] 1 22/12/2010
MSSL Tech Note B-side Assessment [protected] 1.1 23/03/2009
MSSL Tech Note B-side Commissioning [protected] 1.2 12/10/2006
MSSL Tech Note: LIP Evolutions for Envisat Mission Extension [protected] 1.0 28/11/2008

RA-2 LIP Documents

Document Version Date
LIP DPM [pdf] [protected] v3.7 29/08/2007
Code Update 060204 LIP_update_060204.tar.Z [protected] 060204 06/02/2004
LIP Evolutions for ENVISAT Mission Extension PO-TN-MSL-RA-1020.pdf [protected] 1.0 28/11/2008

RA-2 Product Specifications

Document Version Date
Volume 14: RA-2 Products Specifications [protected] Issue 3 Rev L 30/04/2005
 Volume 14: RA-2 Products Specifications  [protected] Issue 3 Rev O 21/12/2006